Embroidered Leather Hat


Handmade leather hat with cotton embroidery.

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~* Embroidered Leather Hat *~

Classic leather hat with a colourful touch! This embroidered leather hat is handmade and embroidered using traditional techniques. The hat is water-repellant and is lined. The hats can be stretched slightly to fit if needed. Leather is hard wearing and comfortable to wear.

Each hat features a different embroidery design in bright colours. The colour of the leather also differs slightly between hats, but is always a light tan colour. Every Embroidered leather hat is unique – so it may differ from those pictured! You will receive a random hat – if you want to choose a specific design please contact us here

These hats are made by hand using traditional techniques by a small family making leather products near Pushkar in India. We have acquired a limited amount of these hats, once they are gone that will be it so grab one while you can!

100% Leather + lining + Cotton Embroidery thread. Handmade and fairly traded from INDIA.

These hats smell like leather. Salt deposits may appear on the leather outer. If this happens brush off the salt and massage leather oil or wax into the leather. Hats can be cleaned by wiping with a white vinegar solution and left to dry in the sun. Do not machine wash or tumble dry. Hats left on a radiator may shrink slightly, stretch the leather out again if necessary.

Embroidered Leather Hats Approximate Sizing

Head circumference 57cm / 22.5″

Hats can be stretched slightly to fit.