Hemp Guitar Case ॐ Om (Standard Acoustic)


Hemp Guitar case with Zip fastening, side and back straps and two additional pockets. Fits Standard Acoustic.

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~* Hemp Guitar Case Om *~

This AMAZING hemp guitar case is part of our new range bags and cases using 100% THC free Hemp. This unique case is classy but fun and features the iconic Om Symbol. Every case is individually designed and handmade and features a unique combination of fabrics and motif.

The hemp guitar case features a main front patterned panel with dominant red and green stripes and white and yellow diamond patterns. It has a gorgeous natural hemp neck with matching patterned applique circle. There is a mounted natural hemp zipped pocket which is decorated with applique pleather (Om) Symbol. The Om represents the vibration of the divine, is the sound of absolute reality and embraces all that exists without beginning or end. It is often used as the symbol for Hinduism and is also the first part of the Tibetan Buddhist Sanskrit mantra Om mani padme hum – which is seen everywhere in Nepal (on prayer flags for example) and entrenched in Nepalese culture.

The reverse and sides of the case match the front with the same gheri pattern, hemp section on the reverse of the neck, and side handle. The adjustable straps are also multicoloured and are padded and reinforced to protect your shoulders as well as your guitar! The case is super strong and padded throughout with chunky zip fastening and additional side handle. It is piped in brown cotton for a clean finish. It is lined throughout in fine cotton. A colourful yet stylish and unique case that is simply lovely.

Fits STANDARD ACOUSTIC guitars: Steel 6-string “dreadnought” shape. Unlikely to fit Jumbo, parlour, bass, or electric guitars. If you are unsure about fit, please get in contact. Inner case measurements as illustrated below:


guitar case dimensions

40% Hemp 60% Cotton + Trimmings. Designed in Britain, Handmade and Fairly Traded from Nepal with Love. Suitable for Vegans.

Each case is completely unique, there are no two the same!

This case is a handmade item, made from handwoven fabrics. As such there may be slight variations and imperfections in the dye, patterns and weave, these are not be seen as faults, but part of the unique charm of the product.

This case is made from cotton and hemp, using natural materials and dyes that may run on contact with water. This case is not waterproof. If you need to clean your case do so gently by hand with a damp cloth. We do not recommend washing or fully immersing in water.