Recycled Sari Scrunchie


Elastic hair tie with recycled sari yarn in scrunchie style

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~* Recycled Sari Scrunchie *~

These cute hair ties, or scrunchies, are unique and beautiful! Made from recycled saris that are shredded down and then spun into magical multicoloured yarn. The yarn is crocheted around a stretchy hair elastic, soft and easy to wear these scrunchies don’t get caught up and slide out super easily. Each tie is unique, and adds a little splash of colour to your hairstyle, and is eco friendly too!

The hair tie that you will receive is totally random! If you have a preference for colours then please contact us here to get a quick photo of the scrunchie that you will receive.

100% Recycled Sari Yarn + Hair Elastic

Handmade and Fairly Traded from Nepal with love.

Recycled Sari yarn may contain a variety of fibres such as cotton, viscose, polyester and silk.

Please note that each scrunchie is unique and may differ considerably from those pictured. You will receive a random scrunchie.