Tibetan Prayer Flags – 25 Flag String, Polyester


25 Tibetan Prayer flags. Suitable for outdoors.

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These beautiful Tibetan prayer flags can be seen everywhere in Nepal, on bridges, temples, at Himalayan base camps and at home – and now you can have them at your home, party, campsite or wherever too!

These horizontal strings are known as Lung ta. They feature a massive TWENTY-FIVE flags in five colours: blue for sky and peace, white for air and purification, red for fire and compassion, green for water and prosperity and yellow for earth and knowledge. Each flag is printed with prayers and mantras which benefit the person who mounts the flags, but also as the flags flutter in the wind the air is cleansed and purified spreading compassion and goodwill to all everywhere the wind blows.

These Tibetan prayer flags are designed to be hung outside, and will beautifully decorate your house, garden, driveway or festival campsite! If hung outside they will slowly fade over time, this symbolizes the passing of time as the prayers have now become part of the physical universe. New flags should be hung alongside the old, representing that all beings are part of a larger ongoing cycle of life. As new flags are hung, new hopes for the future are realised and life’s changes are welcomed.

Aprroxmiate size:

Flag width 26cm

Total Length 7.5m

Please note that due to the handmade nature of this product exact measurements do vary. Please do not place the flags on the ground, the prayers are sacred and should be treated with respect.