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Unique Handmade Nepalese Hippie Clothing and Accessories

Welcome to Karma Gear where we take pleasure in adorning you with the finest folk festival fashion! Our bold colours and fresh designs get you into the festival spirit whatever the time of year. We take inspiration from fabulous British summer Festivals we trade at, with unique folk traditions and alternative spirit, and store it up for our annual trip to Nepal. There our ideas come to life, fusing with traditional Nepali techniques, to bring you clothing that is both beautiful and unique.

Here are some of our lovely customers at festivals around the UK! To learn more about us, read on below!

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At Karma Gear we have a deep love for Nepal and its people – and the quality of Nepalese hippie festival clothing is second to none! We maximise use of materials that are grown, made and dyed in Nepal using environmentally friendly and socially responsible methods. We believe this produces the best quality available worldwide for sustainability and style. We use recycled materials where possible too, giving them a new lease of life, good for many more years. Our products speak for themselves, some of our jackets easily last over 20 years!

Good for the planet, good for the people, good for you;

Karma Gear products are handmade to last and be loved.

Karma Gear works closely with a select few village co-operatives and family businesses to guarantee good working standards and workmanship of the highest quality. Karma Gear always ensures our practices are ethical, sustainable and advantageous to the economy, environment and people of Nepal. You can be truly comfortable in our real fairly traded ethical clothing.

Karma Gear trades at UK festivals during the summer that we feel share our ethics. Our stall is entirely Solar Powered and we use recyclable and reusable packaging and storage solutions for all our products.

We hope to see you at a festival some time soon, but in the meantime enjoy our website and if you have any questions then please get in touch!

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