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We design unique handmade fairly traded Nepalese clothing. Comfortable and colourful our ethical clothing is perfect for festivals, parties and every day!

We trade at festivals throughout the summer, and now our lovely garments are available for you to purchase from this very site. Not all our products are here – so if you’ve seen something you’d like at a festival but can’t find online please contact us and we’ll do our best to help you.

Feel free to explore the site, browse our beautiful Nepalese clothing and find out where you can spot us at events.

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Here are some of our lovely customers at festivals around the UK! To learn more about us, read on below!

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Karma Gear designs our own unique range of handmade Nepalese clothing and accessories. We use natural, sustainable and recycled materials to create beautiful products. We fuse traditional Nepalese clothing style with modern festival clothing flair! Specialising in embroidery, traditional Nepalese printing and other skilled garment embellishments, our ethical clothing features different and exquisite designs found nowhere else.

Karma Gear works closely with a small number of village co-operatives and family run businesses to source our materials and products, guaranteeing they are of the highest quality and workmanship. Each of our suppliers are personally visited by ourselves each year to guarantee continued good working standards. We are proud to call our suppliers and their employees our friends, we always know the providence of our products and exactly who made them! We never haggle on price, making sure we pay the full and fair amount. Karma Gear always ensures our practices are ethical, sustainable and advantageous to the economy, environment and people of Nepal. You can be truly comfortable in our real fairly traded ethical clothing.

We are always looking for new products, materials and methods that improve our environmental impact. We have recently designed a whole new line of products using offcuts and recycled fabrics that would otherwise go to waste. These offcuts are made into patchwork fabric by our suppliers during quiet manufacturing periods, ensuring continued employment. The unique fabric is then used by us to create quirky one of a kind garments that are both ethical and environmentally friendly. We also upcycle and recycle additional stock and materials from Nepal in the UK to create unique one off pieces, and offer bespoke hair decoration, available on site using recycled materials. This minimises waste and ensures all materials are used to maximum benefit.

Furthermore, as a consequence of our research into the sustainability of various materials, we are moving towards using more hemp based fabrics as the water, pesticide and land usage of hemp is less than that of cotton. It is also very hard wearing and so we have used this to our advantage to design a new range of unique bags and instrument cases using this fantastic material. We also use natural biodegradable dyes, trimmings and packaging to create gorgeous, comfortable and environmentally friendly garments. We also use non-animal derived materials and processes where possible, excluding the wool in our knitted and felted items, and label our Vegan friendly Nepalese clothing.

Karma Gear trades at a select few UK festivals during the summer that we feel share our ethics. We minimise our environmental impact whilst at festivals as much as possible. The Karma Gear stall is entirely Solar Powered! We use recyclable and reusable packaging and storage solutions for all our products.

We are passionate about customer care and accessibility. We believe that everyone should be able to access and enjoy our stall and always work hard to make sure that this is the case. We always ensure that our stall is accessible and safe for all our customers, and we are always on hand to offer help, advice and knowledge about our products and their origins. We believe in honesty, transparency and respect, and work hard to maintain our ethical and environmental commitments.

Our commitment to ethics, environment and sustainability was recognised as the winners of the Cambridge Folk Festival Sustainable Trader Award 2014.

We hope to see you at a festival some time soon, but in the meantime enjoy our website and if you have any questions, queries or suggestions then please get in touch!

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