Nepali Diamond Reversible Blanket Shawl


Large soft shawl with traditional Nepali design.

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    These gorgeous blanket shawls are super popular during the cool winter months in Nepal, and it is easy to see why! The cotton blend is super soft with no itchiness even on sensitive skin, and is really warm and windproof too. The shawls come in an endless array of beautiful designs, we’ve chosen some lovely traditional weaves that are timeless and stylish. Big enough to use as a lap blanket or shawl, but also comfortable to wear bunched around your neck as a super warm and snuggly scarf. We keep one on the sofa to use as a blanket, and I’ve always got one in the car too for when its a bit chillier than I expected on those blustery spring and autumn days!

    This shawl features a traditional Nepali diamond  design in gorgeous turquoise. A stripe border with a smaller pinstripe diamond motif on the middle section, the shapes and colours come together to make a truly beautiful and eyecatching design. It is reversible so you don’t need to worry about the wrong side showing, as there are only right sides! Each scarf is slightly different, so the exact pattern and placement may very slightly. The shawl can be worn in a variety of ways to suit your style and outfit. I’ve worn mine as a scarf, a shawl, a blanket and even a headscarf in the desert!

    100% Acrylic. Approx 92cm x 200cm (exact measurements may vary due to handmade nature of item)

    Handmade and Fairly Traded from Nepal with love.

    Handwashing in cold water is best (but I’ve had mine for 5 years and must admit that I stick it in the washing machine!) Always wash dark colours seperately and be aware that the colour may run.

    You may see similar items to these being marketed as “Yak Wool” shawls. Please be aware that this is a nickname for the product, rather than a description. They are NOT made of yak wool, as it is extremely expensive, very rough and not at all pleasant to wear! We are honest with our customers because we believe that you deserve to know the truth about what you are buying.

    2 reviews for Nepali Diamond Reversible Blanket Shawl

    1. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

      Wonderful, bright colours. Cosy and warm, cat loves it!

      • James Halls (store manager)

        Thanks for the review, good the hear the shawl is a hit with your cat!
        Karma Gear

    2. Erin (verified owner)

      • James Halls (store manager)

        Thanks for the review.
        Karma Gear

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