Eco Recycled Sari Handwarmers


Handwarmers made from recycled saris. Fully Fleece lined



~* Eco Recycled Sari Handwarmers *~

These gorgeous handwarmers are made from 100% recycled Saris! Two different methods of recycling are used, silky-type saris are recycled back into their component threads, and the threads are hand spun together to create a unique fuzzy yarn that is soft to the touch and super warm. Around the wrist larger strips of cotton and poly type saris are used to make a chunkier effect, where the existing patterns on the sari fabric still peek through. Each pair of handwarmers is unique and beautifully handmade.


Outer 100% Recycled Sari (mixed fibres) + 100% Recycled Acrylic Fleece lined

Handmade and Fairly Traded from Nepal

Handwash gently in cold water. Dry flat to avoid misshaping.

Please note that the exact colour and pattern placement  may differ slightly from that pictured, this is due to all items being handmade and dyed in individual dye lots as well as using unique recycled materials, therefore there is some variation. This is not a fault and is part of the unique charm of the product.

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Knitting/Crocheting in Nepal

Often employment can be difficult to maintain for many women in Nepal, who need to balance work with managing their homes and looking after not only their children, but also older and extended family members. Knitting is a great way for them to continue to earn whilst also being flexible. Hand knitted items can be picked up and put down. Knitting is also a great way for women to socialize in their communities as they sit and knit. This means that they can take on as little or as much work as they feel able to do, and can supplement their family income in an empowering way that compliments their lifestyle. Knitting can also be done without the use of electricity or any additional equipment so can be done all year round – Nepal suffers from electricity shortages in the colder months. By buying items knitted in Nepal we are empowering women to become self supporting and to improve their lives.

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Aqua Blue, Butterscotch, Purple